Programs & Groups

Holy Nativity offers a number of opportunities to get involved in programs, groups, and other such ministries.

How to get involved

  • Servers / Acolytes: Young people (Grade 4 and older) make up the majority of our Servers, however the Server Ministry is open to all ages, including some of the senior members of the congregation. Servers carry the crossbooks, and candles in procession. They serve at the Altar at the Eucharist and assist the priest in the liturgies of the parish. They serve on a rotating schedule at the 10 am Sunday service. (Contact: Vanessa Jollimore)
  • Altar Guild: An essential part of our community worship, the Altar Guild prepares the Altar for all liturgies of the parish. They care for and maintain the vessels and special linens used in our liturgical celebrations. They also place the flowers and special decorations for high feasts and Holy Days. They serve about once every 2 months in teams of 2 or 3. (Contact: Lesley Siggins)
  • Chalice Bearer: Adults, confirmed in their faith, assist the priest in the Eucharist by serving a chalice (cup) during communion. Chalice bearers serve about once every two months. (Contact: Russ Gilroy)
  • Choir: Holy Nativity has been blessed in recent years with a ‘Festival Choir’. This choir prepares music for worship at Christmas and Easter. They enrich our worship with their offering. Should you wish to join them, please contact the Organist as suggested below. (Contact: Darcy van Helden)
  • Coffee Hosts: Coffee hosts help with the set-up and supply of coffee, juice and baked goods on Sunday mornings. (Contact: Kathleen Patterson)
  • Readers / Intercessors: Readers read the lessons at our Sunday liturgies. They serve on a rotating basis and read every 3 months. The Intercessors offer the prayers of the community at our Sunday liturgies. They receive training in offering the prayers of the community. (Contact: Pat Hopkinson/Pat Gilroy)
  • Community Outreach: Our outreach programs help us ‘to be God’s people…demonstrating God’s love’. Our outreach is in the local community of Lake Bonavista, the city of Calgary, our country Canada and around the world.Locally, we work with EXIT (a street ministry to homeless youth), the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank, the Pregnancy Care Centre, Meals on Wheels and NeighbourLink.Nationally, we support Theological education in Saskatoon, student chaplaincy in Lethbridge, the Diocese of Athabasca in Northern Alberta, and the Diocese of the Arctic in rebuilding their cathedral church.Internationally, we support our Companion Diocese of the Windward Islands in their rebuilding following Hurricane Juan and CAWST – an international effort to provide locally constructed water filters to villagers and families in the developing world. At present, we are exploring a new relationship with the Diocese of S. Malawi. Our contact there is the Rev. Raphael Mpoudo, a priest in that diocese. The community of Holy Nativity is committed to outreach and is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to be more fully ‘God’s people…demonstrating God’s love’. (Contact: The Rev. Tara Livingston)
  • Stewardship Committee: This committee works on the annual campaign for our giving to the Church. They remind us on a regular basis of our need to give. This committee works usually in the Fall of each year to remind us of our faith based obligation to provide for the needs of the Church, the poor and all those who experience hardship. (Contact: Steven Stewart)
  • Sunday School Teachers: Our Sunday School is the foundation of our faith formation program. Teaching our children, helping them to learn the stories of faith and growing their relationship with God is our goal. A well balanced Bible based curriculum (Seasons of the Spirit) is provided. It reflects the readings heard in worship and seeks to encourage discussion between children and their parents about matters of faith and belief. (Contact: Julie Davies, Cynthia Judith, and Lynn Scott)
  • Sidespersons: These people work on a rotation basis as well. About one Sunday in every six, they welcome people to church, hand out bulletins and books as necessary, receive the money offering, assist with the flow of people to communion and count the congregation. Men and women of the parish are invited to take part in this Holy Nativity ministry. (Contact: Don Hudson)
  • Parish Council: This group provides leadership, and its members are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Vestry members are over eighteen years of age, communicants in good standing with the parish who have made and maintained a financial pledge to the parish, and who are regular in attendance at worship most Sundays. (Contact: The Rev. Tara Livingston)
  • Youth Group: Our Youth Group is made up of young people from our community and beyond who are in Junior and Senior High. They meet with our Youth leader twice a month for friendship, fellowship and service. Special events or special service projects happen throughout the year as well. We encourage our Youth Group to meet with other Anglican youth groups as well for larger youth activities. We are excited about and committed to this Holy Nativity ministry. (Contact: Vanessa Jollimore and Nic Chan)

For more information on any one of these programs and how you can become involved – please contact us